Award-winning filmmaker. Photographer and Artist.

Born and raised in Austria, with Polish heritage but feels more European than identifying with one Nationality. Only really at home in saltwater.

As a nomadic entrepreneur she creates remotely as my film projects bring her to undiscovered corners around the globe. She finished her master degree with distinction in filmmaking at Kingston University in London at age 21. Her first ever short film documentary was screened at one of the most prestigious film festivals: Venice Film Festival. After that she was awarded with a scholarship for practical PhD studies in documentary filmmaking at Roehampton University London, where she researched to what extend the act of filmmaking, using the camera as an eye and voice can lead to female empowerment in an area such as Kibera, one of Africa‘s largest slums. She transitioned from University to business and founded her own company – always searching for aesthetics and authenticity, something real and raw. She directed and edited for high end clients such as Renault, RedBull, UN Climate Change Conference, the British Government, feminist start-ups, and climate change and International shark conservation NGOs and wonderful individuals who became their own muse. A strong message and sensuality go hand in hand. Her work has an incredible sense of delicacy combined with real power. Her background as a graphic design freelancer plays a big role in creative concepts and explains the sense of minimalism and abstraction in her compositions.

Her passion for the oceans, wildlife conservation and social justice is her motor which also led her to be one of 100 for the oceans, a world wide art & conservation campaign and several fine art exhibitions hosted on the Azores, in Portugal and soon in Vienna, Austria.

Everything she creates is at its heart empowering and poetic.
Art and activism, always both. 

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