Kyle Armstrong Roepke and Martina Trepczyk are a world traveling filmmaking duo.

⚡️ cinematic story telling for ocean justice to foster meaningful connections between viewers and the environment.


METANOIA (μετάνοια) – is one of our favourite words and of ancient greek origin meaning “fundamental change of consciousness and heart”.

VISION – meaning “the ability to think about the future with imagination or wisdom”.

Both combined serve as the name for a cinematic film entity.




12 min short film (documentary portrait)
release 2023

Tiger sharks might be the most misunderstood creatures who ever roamed our oceans. To Hamna Hussein, they are her anchor and source of calmness. As Fuvahmulah’s first female dive master she’s leading dives with dozens of these apex predators at once, while battling not only their stigmas but her own – turning prejudice into power. She’s wearing the hijab proudly on land and under water. Hamna is deeply rooted in Maldivian culture and especially her island’s traditions. She has became a symbol for perseverance and strength. This film is an ode to everyone who reclaims their place in the world.


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