political poetry documentary, 7:30 min
“All people rely on the health of our lands, waters and airs. We are still fighting for the future that we will collectively build as we carry the strength and resilience from our genealogies” said by Ruth Miller at the the UN world climate change conference, COP25 in Madrid.

Words that still get under my skin today and resonate so deeply. Our collected voices of COP25 resonated through the conference halls of the UN climate change conference then and are now more potent and important than ever as we transition and strive for change. A world which chooses love over hatred, unity and oneness.

“We carry the strength and resilience from our genealogies.”
– Ruth Miller

This short film premiered in an unconventional way. Together with empowering Youth Organisation Climates Austria, and their Austrian Youth Delegation programme, we screened it at the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability. We, the people are aware. Now, it’s up to decision makers to act upon their promises. The film then was screened many times at large Greenpeace events. Pre-Covid times.

Also, it was used for educational purposes around the globe. For example, for interviewee by Wangũi wa Kamonji who teaches an intro to regenerative justice class and a longer course exploring the 4 main philosophies and practices of justice making in depth. Among countless things she is part of The Global Environments Network (GEN) supports a network of people dedicated to social and ecological justice, healing and planetary wellbeing. Her words, power and aura still give me goosebumps. What an honour I had to record her unapologetic vulnerability.

I am also incredibly humbled to announce that the film was watched by key figures in the British ministry, BBC filmmakers, climate change policy advisors and activists.

Talking, interviewing and capturing these important voices made the COP25 experience for me. It left me feeling indescribably motivated, heartbroken, joyful, angry, yet peaceful at the same time – strange no? Not really. These beautiful people Ta’kaiya BlaneyRuth MillerNiria Alicia Garcia, Elisabeth A. Holland, Vidya Dinker, Wangũi wa Kamonji and Nathan ‘Muk’ Kuptana are literally paving the way for a new future to come. And having this landing in the hands of decision makers levered up and gave me purpose in often times a grim every day facing these issues day in and day out as a filmmaker immersing. myself in this topic.

"If we didn’t have UN Climate Change Conference Badges, one might think we’re rockstars on tour. Our dark eye circles have dark circles and those have even dark circles. Tired and overwhelmed are the understatements of the year. Taking ourselves not serious while doing somewhat serious work. My favourite rockstar Paula Trepczyk 🖤" (DECEMBER 11, 2019)

Interviewees in order of appearance
Ta’kaiya Blaney
Ruth Miller
Niria Alicia Garcia
Elisabeth A. Holland
Vidya Dinker
Wangũi wa Kamonji
Nathan ‘Muk’ Kuptana

Directed by Martina Trepczyk
Cinematography by Martina Trepczyk
Assistant Maria Angerler
Edit by Martina Trepczyk
Special thanks to Paula Trepczyk, Ines Birke, Antoine Ferraris, Ansgar Fellendorf
Music by TARIS
Producer CliMates Austria

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