analog photography series
my scooter girl gang
These girls, Kati, Sofie and Minah were the first people I met on the day I stepped foot on Lombok back in March 2019. While I just wanted to put down my backpack and get a coconut or water, these three tried to sell me their handwoven Sarong fabrics. I was not in the mood to talk or purchase but their smiles were intriguing. I was interested in how and where they were made and so I jumped on the back of one of their scooters and we drove for quite a while into the thick jungle to one of their homes. What started as an adventure developed into this beautiful sisterhood.

The second time I visited Lombok in September 2019, we spent most of our time observing sunsets together, sitting on the porch of my bamboo bungalow or at the beach and talked about life’s beauty and pain. Heartbreak is no different on the other side of the world, neither are worries and sorrows. We laughed and we ate on the floor together. Talked about boys, our favorite ice cream flavours, our lack of sleep and dreams.

I miss how they share a phone together and would call me together on speaker, how they made me smile, how we cruised in formation as a little scooter girl gang.

Photographs by Martina Trepczyk

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