Video Interview Series and Photo Campaign
A Hormone Cycle Awareness App.
Which stands up for body literacy, empowerment and education.

Founded by two amazingly bold women themselves who believe we can do better. By we they mean the state and the educational system.

The menstrual cycle does not only include negative symptoms like cramping, fatigue and pain. Menstruating women* go through all sorts of sensations from emotional, mental and physical ranging from positive to negative. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the multilayered-ness and break stigma.

Education. Awareness. Communication. Change.
We're together in this.

Directed by Martina Trepczyk
Camera by Martina Trepczyk
Art Direction by Martina Trepczyk, Lucia Vilsecker, Philippa Zorn
Studio Brickstudio Vienna
Hair and Make-Up by
Sabine Reiter, Lydia Bredl
Assistance Lydia Uroko
Sound Recording by David Almeida-Ribeiro
Sound Mix by David Furrer, Aurora Studios

For Hermone

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