Human Design - Masterclass Video Series
Human design is the science of aura. It helps to rediscover the authentic dimension by providing tools to decondition from false patterns of be(hav)ing that got picked up in childhood.

An exclusive masterclass series of tutorial videos and wide range of photos was created for Maike Gabriela


Maike Gabriela thrives on meeting others wherever they are in their journey and guiding them to a place of flow and self-acceptance. Rather than just sharing the information and staying on the surface level, she dives deep. Her unique view of style, vocab, and personal transformation makes Human Design more tangible and accessible.

My work was to capture a person who sees everyone else so clearly.

A work scope of


–  5 energy type videos (à 35min)

–  3 Teasers (15 sec)

–  28 workshop videos (à 2 min)

–  70 photographs in analog and digital
over and underwater – all cosmic

Directed by Martina Trepczyk
Content created by Maike Gabriela
Camera by Martina Trepczyk
Art Direction by Martina Trepczyk, Maike Gabriela
Edit by Martina Trepczyk
Editing Assistant Lydia Uroko
Sound Mix by David Furrer, Aurora Studios
Music “Ease” by Elisa Godino, Isabel Goller
Music composed by David Furrer
Color Grading by Martina Trepczyk
Subtitles translated by Anni Sopp

For Maike Gabriela

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