Award winning political poetry documentary, 3 min
This short film is a portrait of a dancer and poetic criticism questioning the power over female bodies. It’s everywhere: patriarchal systems, the government, schools, religious institutions, society’s minds.
The short draws parallels from the dancers upbringing in one of Poland’s strictest dancing schools and to today’s patriarchic system, in which an institution has more say over a female’s body than herself. Poland compared to other European countries has the most restricted abortion laws, carries a torn past, battle wounds and stale old systems, that we try to break free from.

MY WOMB is a love letter for everyone who stands up for themselves.

The political poetry short film of under 4 minutes received International recognition and success.

Art and activism always.

Screened during 20 film festivals and counting.
Won an award at a film festival in Warsaw, Poland.
Went viral on Instagram with over 62K views

Directed by Martina Trepczyk
Dancer & Mama Anna Lis

Written & created by Martina Trepczyk
Camera by
Martina Trepczyk
Assistant on set indoors Lina Reisinger
Assistant on set in dunes David Ruhmer
Costume & Art Direction by Martina Trepczyk
Edit by Martina Trepczyk
Music by Taris
Voice Over by Elisa Godino
Sound Recording by David Furrer, Aurora Studios
Colors by Martina Trepczyk

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