political poetry short film, 4 min
Everything we knew has come to a halt because of wild life trade. Up to 75% of emerging disease is of zoonotic origin.

While many of our governments have systems in place such as Corona support fonds, unemployment services or furlough scheme guarantees, citizens of many low-income countries simply don’t have such back-ups from their governments, leaving them incredibly vulnerable. For many, the forest and the ocean will provide their safety net.

Film by Martina Trepczyk
With Madison ‘Pip’ Stewart

Music composed by David Furrer
Main camera Madison ‘Pip’ Stewart & Martina Trepczyk
Written by Martina Trepczyk
Narrated by Madison ‘Pip’ Stewart
Drone waves Hunter Helton
Drone alps Luftbild Produktion
Dolphins in freedom Hunter Helton
Dolphins in captivity Janelle Van Ruiten
Hammerhead sharks Janelle Van Ruiten
Monkey in captivity Alon Mekin
Whale shark Reinhard Kahle

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