political poetry short film, 2 min
Beaches should remain a place of play but serve instead as bathrooms for over 250 school kids who have nowhere else to go. The government might have forgotten this little island of heaven, we could never as it’s woven deeply into our hearts forever.

This is part of project hiu, founded by Madison Stewart.

12 teachers share one toilet

over 250 students (from age 4 to 12) share the beach


doesn’t have access to a toilet at all.
Forcing them to defecate in the open.


Is affected by intestinal worms, entirely preventable through safe, clean toilets and improved hygiene.

1,600 Children die per day

of diarrhoea, which is largely preventable through clean toilets and good hygiene.

35mm photograph "Fatherhood"
Super8 - Ibu roasting her coffee
35mm photograph "Manam. Heart of gold"
35mm photograph "heartbreaker"

Female empowerment and education are the key to a more abundant and sustainable future.

Access to a safe and clean toilet should be a basic human right, so that beaches can remain a place for play.

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a remote island that felt like more like home, than the countries I was born and raised in ever did. I feel so lucky and grateful to have met these souls.
35mm making of photograph by Danny Nieves
35mm making of photograph by Danny Nieves

This short film PROJECT POTTY would not have been possible without the loving support of the entire fishermen island, Madison Stewart, and the whole Project Hiu gang getting up before sunrise just so I could get the shots I want although they would have preferred to keep sleeping on the boats. As Covid-19 makes it hard to travel and funding is on hold, operation toilet block remains under construction.

Additional thanks to Caroline Kelter, Ben Murray, Danny Nieves.

Directed, shot and edited by Martina Trepczyk

For Project Hiu

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